At the February 2022 meeting of the Lodge, W Bro Dudley Wensley JP. PSGD. PAsstPGM (Middlesex) celebrated the 50th anniversary of his initiation into freemasonry on 14th February 1972

The Lodge was honoured and delighted by the presence of a large number of brethren including RW Bro David K. Williamson Past Assistant Grand Master, VW Maurice G. Adams the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, two of the four Assistant Provincial Grand Masters and large number of other Grand and Provincial Grand Officers as well as numerous other brethren.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master gave a very amusing and most information resume of the masonic career of W Bro Dudley as well as an insight into his work and public service background making particular mention of his time as the Secretary and Chief Executive of the Grand Charity.

He then on behalf of the Provincial Grand Master, presented him with his 50-year certificate and pin.

In response, W Bro Dudley expressed his thanks for the delightful way that VW Bro Maurice had made the presentation and said how much he had and continued to enjoy, his Sussex masonry and that would wear the pin with pride.

Following the meeting, the brethren enjoyed a delightful evening together at the festive board.