Member                        When W.M.                                              Events

W.Bro. E.W.Baker             1936                As he kept a second hand gent’s clothing shop at the bottom end of North Road, he enjoyed many customers from members of many lodges.

W.Bro. H.E.A.Strong          1943                Was for several years charity steward of the lodge.

W.Bro. V.W.Jennings         1949                One of the most active members of the lodge.  Was for many years the D.C. and preceptor of the L.O.I.

W.Bro. W.E.R.Tongue        1951                Prosperous and prominent retail grocer in the Brighton area.

W.Bro. H.C.Freeman         1952                Was is the timber importing business working from the London docks.

W.Bro. D. Reeve                1957                Was very well known as the official Brighton organist and gave a weekly concert at the Brighton Dome advertised as ‘Tuesday night at the Dome’. Needless to say Douglas Reeve was the lodge organist.

W.Bro. A.E.Peirson            1959                Official with the Brighton & Hove G.P.O.

W.Bro. G. Virgo                 1960                He was a school master at a local school.

W.Bro. I Dudeney              1961                One of the most ‘colourful of all the members, a borough councillor and publican at the ‘Plough’ at Rottingdean. Many of the lodge members would meet at the Plough on Sunday mornings with their families. The place would be                                                                           packed providing an additional social side to the lodge.

W.Bro. N.N. Reeve            1962                Partner in the very well known firm of  Whitehead’s Estate Agents.  Brother of Douglas  (see above) he was the first member of the lodge to receive the rank of Provincial Grand Steward for his 1st provincial appointment.

Bro. J.A. Heal                                             Bro. Jimmy Heal was a joining member in 1963 and it is widely recognised that he made a tremendous contribution to freemasonry in general and South Down Lodge in particular. As a consequence he was awarded Provincial                     honours in our centenary year for his charitable work. This was even more remarkable as he had not gone through the chair but was an energetic Almoner. His enthusiasm brushed off on all of his sons and similarly through their sons and extended family  This has produced something of a ‘Heal’ dynasty in the Lodge.

W.Bro. B.W. Richardson    1963              Scrap metal merchant by trade.  Widely regarded as an expert ritualist and one of the very few brethren to have occupied the chair twice.

W.Bro. T. Novis                  1965                Fruit and veg wholesaler, and a larger than life character bringing cheer to everyone around him. Two sons currently members, one being a P.M.

W.Bro. George Hunt          1967               Generally  acknowledged to be the inspiration behind our high standing within the Province of Sussex. Lodge’s secretary between the years 1972-80 which included coordinating all the centenary celebrations.

W.Bro. G.V. Bayley            1968               Founder and 1st Master of daughter Lodge.

W.Bro. S. Morris                1970                Expert ritualist and as the D.C.had a knack of encouraging excellence in a gentlemanly way. This earned him total respect from everyone.

 Up to this point all the brethren mentioned have sadly passed on to the Grand Lodge above. It had been my intention to leave future chroniclers to comment on the current brethren. However no list of illustrious South Down Lodge members would be complete without the mention of our six current Officers of Grand Lodge. The richness of both of their contributions to the lodge over many years is evident from the details below.

W.Bro.John C. Heal, PSGD PAsstProvGM. 

W.Bro. Keith M. Schofield,  PSGD PAsstProvGM.

W.Bro. Dudley M. Wensley JP, PSGD PAsstProvGM (Middx).

W.Bro. Mark Buckle, PAGDC, ProvGDC.

W.Bro. Geoffrey J. Draper, PAGDC, ProvGMentor.

W. Bro. Victor Heal, PGStB.      

Of the first named Brother on this list John C Heal is the eldest son of Bro. James Heal (see previous ref) followed his family tradition and entered the amusement business along with his brothers.   He was initiated into the lodge in 1965 and immediately worked his way through all the offices obtaining the chair in 1975.   He was quickly recognised as an expert ritualist with an eye for detail and organisational skills.     Being the eldest of  5 brothers within the lodge, his work was cut out in helping them through the chair.   In 1982 he was appointed to Prov. J.G.D. in recognition of his dedication and in 1985 took over from W.Bro. Stan Morris as the D.C.   He also managed to  combine this with assisting the provincial team as D.Dept D.C.  This was highly successful for in 1992 he was appointed as Grand Officer.   His talent for precision and inspiring those in his charge was finally recognised when in 1994 he was appointed the Provincial Director of Ceremonies  for the 5 year period to 1999.   Like his friend and mentor W.Bro George Hunt he encouraged the very highest of standards in the lodge and also in the Province, with a particular regard to dignity at all times.