As the fiftieth year of South Down Lodge approached, the jubilee meeting on 20th February 1929 is notable not so much for its extravaganza more for the workmanlike manner in which the lodge was planning its future. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master V. W. Bro. Gervis was the Provincial representative bringing with him sincere congratulations from all of the Province on reaching this milestone. But this was not the time to rest on ones laurels, and a double initiation was performed. Significantly at the same meeting however,  two motions were proposed which we still feel the benefits today. It was at this meeting that it was first proposed that South Down Lodge should move from the Old Ship Hotel to the Masonic Centre at Queens Road. It is not clear from the records why a delay of 5 years expired before a permanent move came about. Secondly it was proposed that South Down Lodge should have its own Lodge of Instruction which should meet at the Brighton Masonic Club, 130 Kings Road Arches (now the Gemini Bar directly opposite the Brighton Centre) to be held every 2nd and 4th Wednesday.  The proposer was a young brother secretary Bro. George Budd.

Having sought and obtained the P.G.M.’s  dispensation, South Down Lodge finally moved permanently to Queens Road for the March meeting in 1933. The change had obviously given a new optimism to the Lodge with a new banner being dedicated by the Provincial Grand Chaplain at the October meeting of the same year. The first mention of a  L.O.I. preceptor is not made until a year later in October 1934, W. Bro. F. Martin  being the first appointee. The lodge L.O.I. met at Kings Road Arches until 1936 when it also transferred to Queens Road.